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The Alberts + Maletsky Team

Alberts + Maletsky joined forces in 2015 to offer our clients an enhanced experience. We didn’t create a team to work less, we created a team to work smarter and provide better service to our clients. Specializing in the North Shore communities, our local knowledge and understanding of our clients’ needs have catapulted our team to rank consistently amongst the top producing agents in our hometown, Highland Park with more than $100 Million in sales.

We are dedicated to establishing and keeping your trust using the latest technology to provide reliable, responsive communication at all times. Our mission is to make buying and selling homes seamless and stress-free by offering skilled market analysis, expert real estate advice, and extraordinary customer service. We work hard to make real estate easier.

Our team is growing because our business demands it! In order to maintain our high standard of service, we have added a licensed buyer’s agent/listing assistant, transaction coordinator and marketing assistant. Under our mentorship, and trained in our systems, our team is poised for success and continued growth for many years to come.

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Benefits of Working With a Team

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Our Goal is Your Satisfaction

You will be introduced to our team from the very beginning and quickly the true benefits of working with a team will become apparent. Most of the time you are not your agent’s only client. Generally, top agents have other homes to show, market and sell as well as other buyers to assist. A team can benefit you because, when one member is unable to take your call, there is another agent available to assist you. Around the clock support is more common with a well run real estate team. Consider what a great team can do for you to help you buy or sell your home. We can deliver the helping hand and personal touch you need to be completely satisfied.

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A Real Estate Team

• Provides a greater pool of knowledge than any one individual can provide on his or her own. When working as part of a team, different agents can specialize in different types of properties or different neighborhoods, allowing them to offer greater insight when it comes to your unique home situation

• Has a team of agents consistently lead generating specifically to find qualified buyers for your home

• With so many tricky moving parts, having a team on your side will help ensure that nothing gets lost in the shuffle; what’s more being able to debate, discuss, and bounce ideas off of one another will also allow your agents to help you reach the best decision possible when it comes to setting a price, accepting an offer, or plotting out the necessary steps for a successful transaction

• Can easily handle numerous transactions and correctly route multiple inquiries

• Can be in several physical locations at once as necessary to help the client

• Is twice (or three times) the number of agents for the same price

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A Single Agent

• Can only take one phone call at a time
• Can only be in one location at a time
• Includes a single sphere of influence
• Lead generation time for locating qualified buyers is limited
• May become overly dependent on automated systems
• Can get bogged down with multiple transactions and as a result, customer service can suffer

When my husband and I decided to return to the greater Chicago area when he retired, I set out to find a realtor who would be the best fit for us. Relocating was not...
Sally S.
Stephanie and Beth made a terrific team and delivered outstanding support and value along every step of the buying process. We wouldn't be in the home we are today i...
N. Pavlik
Words can barely do justice to truly explain the pot of gold we found in Beth and Steph through Alberts + Maletsky Real Estate, but I can sure try! The strong review...
Molly & Paul M.
My wife and I met Stephanie and Beth at an open house a few years ago. I had already been looking to ditch my agent at the time, mostly because he was not listening ...
Jonathan K.
As first-time homebuyers moving from out-of-state during the peak of the pandemic, the prospect of finding the right house seemed impossible when we first learned we...
Kristen F.
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We are dedicated to establishing and keeping your trust using the latest technology to provide reliable, responsive communication at all times. We work hard to make real estate easier.
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